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About Us

Our Mission

To provide comfort, security and care in filling the needs of our customers with quality products, professional excellence and service beyond the commonplace

1.0_History.jpgOur Story

For over 60 years, Ritzman Pharmacy has created a legacy dedicated to providing quality products, professional excellence and service beyond the commonplace. This service standard was established in 1950 by our founder, Forrest Ritzman, when he purchased a small 1,300-square-foot pharmacy in Wadsworth, Ohio. 

Personal Attention

Wadsworth Pharmacy, as Mr. Ritzman's business was called, offered the standard drugstore fare of its time, including a soda fountain and lunch counter. While it was not the busiest or largest pharmacy in town, people began to notice the personal service and attention they received from Mr. Ritzman, the pharmacist, and his associates. Many customers have remarked that Forrest could seemingly remember everyone's name, even after meeting them only one time.

Family Business

At various times, Mr. Ritzman's six sons and two daughters worked with him in the pharmacy. Five of Forrest's sons followed in their fathers footsteps and became pharmacists. Over the years several sons opened their own pharmacies in the area. In 1985, these pharmacies were combined to form Ritzman Pharmacy, Inc. Today, two of Forrest's sons are still active in the business.

Extended Product and Service Offering

In 1999, Ritzman Pharmacy recognized the need to provide reliable information on natural supplements and products to our customers. We developed a new line of high-quality Ritzman Brand supplements, along with the commitment to provide ongoing training for all associates on these products.

Today, Ritzman Pharmacy has increased our service base even further to include a selection that includes hard-to-find items, Home Infusion Therapy and our Ritzman Med-Dose Service for prepackaged medications. We also continue to add locations, growing to 25 locations in 2013.

Dedicated Staff

Ritzman Pharmacy's growth has been made possible because of its talented and dedicated staff, which includes our corporate leadership team, board of directors, pharmacists and associates. Their commitment to service has been, and will continue to be, the cornerstone on which our future is built. Ritzman Pharmacy pharmacists and associates strive every day to continue Forrest's tradition of providing superior customer service, working to make each customer feel right at home.


Community Involvement

1.4_Community.jpgAt Ritzman Pharmacy, we believe in giving back to and supporting the communities we serve. We do this by donating to the many worthy causes in the areas we serve. Ritzman is also involved in local chambers of commerce and various business groups, such as the Wadsworth Independent Business Owners Asssociation.   

What's more, our associates participate in an array of community events, including:

  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Health fairs

We also have been involved for many years in the Akron Marathon, and local fundraisers like the Breast Cancer walk.