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Ritzman "Lids for Learning" Program

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Turn in Your Ritzman Lids and Make Cash For Your School!

The Ritzman Lids for Learning program provides students and their families an opportunity to make money for their school.  For each Ritzman prescription bottle lid (or lid token) turned in to their school, the school earns $.25!

The Ritzman Lids for Learning program is currently available at the following schools:

  • Wadsworth's Central Intermediate School (CIS)
  • Dover Middle School, Dover South Elementary, Dover East Elementary, Dover Avenue Elementary

Interested in This Program at Your School?  

We are reviewing the possibilty of expanding this program into other schools.  If you are interested in starting a Lids For Learning program at your school please contact Kathy Marrin, Marketing Manager, Ritzman Pharmacy, at 330-335-2318 x 256.