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Carl Kleinhenz, RPh


Carl studied pharmacy at The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and also studied at The University of Toledo College of Law. He has been a pharmacist for 30 years.

Interesting fact

Carl has been a trombone player since age 10. He plays in orchestras, theater, rock, salsa, church services - whatever comes his way. He studies with professionals in NEOH as an adult student.

Favorite thing about being a pharmacist

"Especially with home infusion, I like the ongoing relationship with patients. It's an opportunity to make a difference in a patient's lives, take on the role of care manager as a patient transitions from hospital to home, and over time learn what best works for the patient's therapy."

Favorite Ritzman brand product and why

"The Four Pillars of Health - it provides complete supplement protection in one daily easy-to-take pouch."