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Why Ritzman Brand Supplements?

JerryRitzman_MartyMarrin.jpgHigh Quality

Our premium line of supplements are manufactured with only high-quality, all-natural ingredients. They contain no sugars, artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. And, our manufacturer only works with well-recognized raw material suppliers that meet strict standards. 

High Standards

In fact, Ritzman Brand supplements are produced by a manufacturer whose standards are as high as those required by the FDA for pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. The manufacturing facility follows strict standards set by the U.S. government's standards for good manufacturing practices. In addition, USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards are used in the making of many of our products. 


Each product label lists educational information outlining the benefits that the product can provide. What's more, every product has full disclosure labeling so that you know exactly what is included in each supplement. This is extremely important for those concerned about allergies.



Most Ritzman Brand supplements are packaged in amber-colored glass bottles to preserve freshness and ensure maximum potency. Each bottle also includes a full-body, tamper-evident sleeve and a seal under the cap to ensure safety. Expiration dates and lot numbers are printed on each bottle, guaranteeing freshness.

100% Guaranteed

Most importantly, if you are unsatisfied with any Ritzman Brand supplement, for any reason, we will exchange it for another product that works for you. 

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