Guiding Your Healthful Journey

For more than 65 years, Ritzman Pharmacy has established a standard of care that has guided the way we’ve done business ever since. Our pharmacists take the time to learn your name and medical history, and offer personalized care when you need it.

Review our mission statement below to learn more about the vision that drives Ritzman Pharmacy:

Our Mission

To create treasured moments for our customers throughout their healthcare journeys by pioneering vintage pharmacy care with genuine service beyond the commonplace.

Our Promises to You

A place where everyone is treated as an individual.

Every person has unique needs, and Ritzman takes the time to know and understand them. Our pharmacists are happy to recommend products and provide advice to help you achieve your most healthful life.

A place to learn.

At Ritzman, we take our role as trusted health professionals seriously. We not only dispense quality medication, but also keep our thumbs on the pulse of the changing healthcare landscape. We offer services to help educate our customers about their medications and about the role of the pharmacy in the community.

A place to gather.

We have created a warm and welcoming environment that encourages the community to gather, browse and visit with familiar faces. At Ritzman, we offer programs that allow individuals to relax, get creative and learn something new.

A place for care beyond the prescription.

While dispensing medication is the core of Ritzman’s business, it’s simply a starting point. Our staff members help customers pick out the right products to help them reach their most healthful lives, and treat each and every customer as though they matter.

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