Need Energy?

Helene Hall, R.Ph. - Pharmacist at Copley Road - Akron Location

One of most frequent questions that pharmacists get asked is "How can I increase my energy?" No matter what age or stage of life you're in, energy is something we all could use more of…whether you're cramming for finals, trying to keep up with your one year old or coping with a heavy workload.  Here are some tips from one of your Ritzman Pharmacists on how to stay energized!

Q: What do I do to get more energy?

A: Energy, stamina and focus are all results of a good night's sleep. Allowing our bodies to "power down" in the evening, or before bedtime hours, sets the stage for relaxation and restful sleep.  Our bodies also need the proper fuel to be able to sustain and function through life's activities, so good nutrition plays a key. Eating fresh foods and allowing our bodies three meals a day is important to set the stage for a healthy tomorrow. Exercise helps increase blood flow, which refreshes, heals, and enlivens body systems. Walking a few extra steps each day will help promote overall body health. All of these simple but important considerations lead to a more energetic way of life.


Q: Energy is always hard to come by, but I seem to lose it faster in the summer when it's hot. What are some ways to stay energized in the heat?

A: For the most part, our bodies respond well to temperature changes. However, hot weather brings special considerations for both adults and children. Take care to replenish fluids by loading up on healthy beverages such as water, juices, teas and protein shakes. Beverages with protein will also give that extra boost during a hot weather slump. For on the go activities, keep sun visors, shade umbrellas, and extra water bottles handy.  On hot weather days, take "shade" breaks as often as possible to recharge.


Q: How can supplements help increase my energy?  

A: There are all kinds of products on the market for energy.  Be sure to read labels and feel free to ask questions of your pharmacist. Some examples of supplements to help with energy are the B and C vitamins. Our bodies use the B and C vitamins daily; these are commonly known as the "stress" vitamins since they are utilized by body systems for both physical and mental processes. Vitamin B 12 in particular is associated with energy and is important to replace in people over 50, those with certain types of anemia, and those on oral medications such as metformin or omeprazole. Also, those on a vegan diet will benefit from supplementing with B12. Boosting protein in the daily diet, or adding protein bars or shakes will also increase energy and add healthy calories for fuel. Limit products with high caffeine and sugar content, as this will bring about a quick energy "surge" and then a "let down." These products can also decrease appetite, limiting our intake of healthy foods and robbing us of the foods that keep us feeling strong and healthy.

Giving attention to our diet, our activities, our supplements, and our sleep can go a long way in promoting a healthy and energized life!