Our Top Picks

We asked a few of our Ritzman pharmacists what THEIR favorite Ritzman Brand Supplement is and why. Here's what they had to say…

Helene Hall, RPh - Copley Road, Akron location

"The Ritzman Cholesterol Complex is one of my favorite supplements! It has two ingredients that have been tested in clinical studies to lower cholesterol: plant sterols and policosanol. The plant sterols are a type of plant oil which causes the body to eliminate cholesterol, thereby lowering cholesterol levels. Another great Ritzman product is the Ritzman Calcium 600mg with Vitamin D 200. This calcium is readily utilized in the body, especially when taken with food. The Calcium 600 with D 200 is a novel product, containing 600mg of calcium carbonate in just one capsule, along with vitamin D. The recommended dose is one capsule twice daily which provides 1200mg of calcium AND 400 IU of Vitamin D in only two doses. It's easy to swallow and highly absorbed."


Rob Wilkins, RPh - Ritzman Pharmacy within Buehler's Fresh Foods Market - Ashland

 "My favorite Ritzman Supplements are the Ritzman Omega-3's. The health benefits, including cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory effects are well documented. Ritzman has two formulas, concentrated and a once-daily. The Ritzman Concentrated Omega-3 is also included in the Ritzman Four Pillars supplement."


Leah McGraw, RPh - Seville location

"I really like the Ritzman Maximum One tab. It's a full multivitamin and B Complex in one tablet. It is a prolong release dose form and comes in an iron free formulation as well!"


Kim Sherman, RPh - Green location

"My favorite is Ritzman Probiotic Blend, my new medicine cabinet staple. It works great for tummy upsets, and works for everyone; adults, kids, even the dog."