Ritzman Pharmacist Spotlight: Helene Hall

Helene Hall has been a pharmacist for more than 35 years. It was no surprise that she would end up where she is today. Back in high school a science teacher arranged for her to attend a pharmacy summer camp and she fell in love with the profession.

She even married a pharmacist. She met her husband while both were attending the pharmacy school at Ohio Northern University.

Helene says that one of her favorite parts of the job is being able to interact with her store customers. “People come to me with questions concerning their health and their meds and I think I can make a difference by being a problem solver for them,” she says.

That’s a critical need at her Ritzman Pharmacy location on Copley Road in Akron. It serves a population that doesn’t always have easy access to healthcare, so her assistance is particularly valuable. Helene has been with Ritzman Pharmacy for thirteen years now and dispensing prescriptions and good advice from the Copley Road location since 2011.

In addition to her other customer-service responsibilities, Helene is an RQ Coach. This means that she helps clients achieve their health and wellness goals through Ritzman supplement daily-dose packs, pill free supplement patches and individualized coaching services from The RefreshinQ Co.

The Pharmacist Recommends

Helene presents a few tips for making your life easier and perhaps a bit healthier and stress-free with products that can be found at her Ritzman Pharmacy location.

She recommends peppermint oil, a fragrance known for its focus-sharpening and stress-relieving properties. “Peppermint essential oil has a variety of benefits,” she says. “Some of the most popular uses are to support attention span, memory and reasoning. The aromatherapy benefit of peppermint helps to calm the mind and decrease the feeling of stress. It’s also popular for treating headaches.”

Helene advises putting a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and keeping it near your workspace to help support mind clarity and focus.

For a healthier midday snack, Helene chooses power bars. “It will satisfy your hunger and provide needed fuel to get through until the next meal,” she says. “Read labels and look for choices that have about ten grams of protein and less than ten grams of sugar, for more staying power.”

As for her favorite vitamin or supplement, Helene chooses vitamin C supplement, especially during flu or cold season. “People tend to congregate indoors during the holidays and colder weather, and vitamin C will offer an extra layer of protection as an essential vitamin and antioxidant,” she believes.

Reach Out

If the Copley Road store in Akron is your Ritzman Pharmacy location of choice, stop in and say hi to pharmacist Helene Hall. She’d love to meet you and is eager to serve all of your drug prescription, well-being and pharmacy needs.