Beyond your traditional pharmacy

While other pharmacies primarily serve as drug store retailers, Ritzman Pharmacy offers a range of services that go beyond the in-store experience. In addition to our personalized pharmacy services, we offer in-hospital and at-home care options to help transition patients out of the hospital and prevent readmissions.

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Preventing Hospital Admissions

Our community pharmacy locations are stocked with front-end, over-the-counter items designed treat and prevent illnesses. At our community pharmacy locations, we strive to offer customers the care they need help to prevent hospital admissions and support overall health.


Our private label supplements are designed to curb symptoms, strengthen immune systems and improve overall health. All of our supplements are made with clean, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients, and are designed for optimal absorption in the body.

Blood Pressure Checks

Because there are often no symptoms, it is easy for high blood pressure to go unnoticed. Ritzman Pharmacy performs routine blood pressure checks at our pharmacy locations to help support overall heart health and prevent hospital admissions.

Shots and Immunizations

If patients are traveling out of the country, heading off to school or simply want to be prepared for flu season, it is important that they support their bodies with the necessary shots and immunizations. Ritzman Pharmacy offers in-store immunizations available by appointment.

Preventing Hospital Readmissions

When patients are released from the hospital, it is important that they receive the care they need to prevent costly readmissions. That's why Ritzman Pharmacy offers a variety of transitional care options to help get customers the care they need in-hospital or at home.

IN:Q System

Medications used to be confusing. Not anymore…

With Ritzman Pharmacy’s IN:Q System, taking your medications is easy. Our pharmacists align your medications to be picked up once a month, all in one place, making pickups and refills quick and convenient at any of our pharmacy locations. By entrusting Ritzman pharmacists with your care, you take one step toward becoming a healthier you.

IN:Q Pak

Improving medication compliance is one of the most effective ways to reduce hospital readmissions. Ritzman IN:Q Paks package medications together in single-dose packages, so patients can keep better track of their medication schedules.

Redefining the patient experience

At Ritzman Pharmacy, our main goal is to improve overall health outcomes. That means not only supporting patients with prescriptions and preventative care, but also encouraging healthful living. We do this through the following promises:

A place where everyone is treated as an individual

We take the time to understand our customers and develop personalized plans based on their needs and challenges. Whether our customers need a quick checkup or a more in-depth consultation, we do whatever we can to help keep them healthy and out of the hospital.

A place to learn

We take our role as trusted health professionals seriously. It is not enough for our customers to get care when they’re sick. We encourage each of our customers to learn about their body’s needs and take proactive steps to improve their overall health.

A place to gather

When our emotions are in turmoil and our minds are bombarded with thoughts, our health can be compromised. That’s why we have created a warm and welcoming environment that encourages the community to gather, browse and visit with familiar faces.

A place for care beyond the prescription

Ritzman Pharmacy offers so much more than medications. We are redefining what customers can expect from their pharmacies by bringing the pharmacist out from behind the counter to deliver care first-hand. Staff members help customers pick out the right products for their needs, and treat each customer as though they matter.

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