Get started with In-Store Services below:

  1. Meet with a Pharmacist
  2. Blood Pressure Checks
  3. Shots and Immunizations
  4. Corporate Flu Clinic
  5. Drive-Thru Pickup
  6. Curbside Delivery
  7. Product Sampling

Experience the Ritzman difference

Stop by your local Ritzman Pharmacy and discover what we mean when we say, “service beyond the commonplace.” When you walk into our practices, you won’t see our pharmacists hidden in a back room. A member of our team will greet you at the door and help you find the prescriptions, supplements and retail items you’re looking for.

We offer a wide selection of over-the-counter, locally-made and hard-to-find items at our pharmacy locations, and if we don’t have an item you’re looking for in stock, we’ll do our best to get it for you. Whether you need to pick up a few items on your shopping list or want to sit down with your pharmacist for a private consultation, our team is available and eager to assist you.

Find a Ritzman Pharmacy near you to get started with our in-store services.