Preventing mosquito bites

Mosquitoes normally are annoying enough. They are relentless in chasing you around outdoors, eager to bite and leave those frustrating red itchy bumps all over you and your family.

This summer, with those little pests possibly carrying the Zika virus, West Nile virus and other transmittable infections, they aren’t just annoying. They’re dangerous.

Protecting yourself and your family starts with a few easy steps:

  • Eliminate or treat standing water as much as possible where you spend time outside. This includes bird baths, kiddie pools, buckets, ruts in your yard, etc.
  • Keep the mosquitoes outside by making sure doors stay shut and window screens are in good working order.
  • Cover exposed skin with clothing. You can decrease the chance of mosquito bites by using permetherin to treat your clothes. The chemical kills mosquitoes on contact. Note that this treatment is for your clothing only and can be harmful if directly applied to skin; allow treated clothes to dry for 24 to 48 hours before you wear them.
  • Use plenty of insect repellant on your skin. Stick to EPA-registered repellants such as DEET, picardin and oil of lemon Eucalyptus. DEET products are often the most effective, but they are not recommended for babies under 2 months old (keep them under a mosquito net or inside altogether).

Don’t assume you’re safe from mosquitoes in the daylight! The type of mosquito that most often carries Zika is active predominantly during the day.

Following these tips will help you stay bite-free — and Zika-free — this summer.

Stop in to your local Ritzman pharmacy or contact us to learn more about mosquito bite prevention today.